1. Although, to be fair, there’s also this filming error (I assume) when the truck falls over.

    Although, to be fair, there’s also this filming error (I assume) when the truck falls over.

  2. Truck 81 had green, Truck 66 did not.

  3. Leserbrief an “Brauchen wir noch die Wehrpflicht?” Die Zeit 14/2014

    Seit Jahren wird uns Männern (ironischerweise auch in der neuen Zeit-Beilage!) eingehämmert, dass es doch viel besser wäre, wenn wir alle mehr wie Frauen wären. Soft, verständnisvoll, kooperativ, nicht hart und unerbittlich.

    Aber als zwangsrekrutiertes Kanonenfutter gegen “die Russen” zu enden, dafür scheints dann doch noch zu reichen. Gut zu wissen, dass man Optionen hat…

    PS: Oder habe ich irgendwo überlesen, dass eine zukünftige wiedereingeführte Wehrpflicht geschlechtsneutral sein sollte?

    PPS: Das einzige Sinnvolle, was ich in 10 Monaten BW gemacht habe, war 2 Wochen lang bei der Oderflut ‘97 Sandsäcke zu schleppen.

  4. I just watched


    Community 5x09 VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing

    Couldn’t they just have manually numbered the books and then sell them for a bargain?
    If they get 160 on the street for a mint book, shouldn’t they get at least 80 for a manually numbered book?

    Numbering one book (300 pages) would take about 15 minutes.

  5. djdoena-just-watched:

    Interestingly, Person of Interest avoided the whole Already Met Everyone trope with its recent episode RAM. Even though Harold and Reese were both in the episode, they never actually crossed paths. And neither was Detective Fusco (or Joss Carter for that matter) even part of the story.

    Every character involved was actually where they were supposed to be according to the show’s own canon.

  6. I just watched


    Person of Interest 3x16 RAM

    Even recognizing its premise, sometimes Person of Interest becomes a tad too unrealistic. How would the machine know where casey has hidden his money? The hut didn’t look like it had much technology in it.

  7. Re: #TBBT

    Spock believes that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few - or the one. #Sheldon believes that his needs outweigh everyone elses. He’s become a mean bully who deliberately tramples on everyone else’s feelings.
    Sheldon does not deserve to be in the same room as Leonard Nimoy and if he were in the same room with Zachary Quinto, let’s hope it’s Sylar.

    See also Chuck Lorre, Where Art Thou?

  8. I’m slowly falling behind


  9. The Doctors’ Wives; psychopathic killers who will do anything to protect their husbands.

    (Source: probablycrashing)